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Here’s how the luggage-storage process works.

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Luggage storage is not easy in London

So, you’re in London for a few hours and you need to go out and see everything that you’ve ever heard of...

But, there’s a problem.

You have a ton of luggage to carry. All those bags and suitcases and whatnot. London beckons, but your luggage holds you back.

What do you do? You store that luggage. But where? The problem of luggage storage in London is not of how but where… because there are just too many options.


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The simple way with Luggage Storage in London = SSO

The real problem with luggage storage in London is the plethora of choices you get. And each choice comes with its own problems and drawbacks… except one.

Asking your hotel to help with luggage in London?

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The problem? First, it’s not really safe. Second, you might feel uncomfortable because most luggage rooms in hotels are not really access-restricted, so anyone can go in and mess around with your things.
Third, not all hotels will agree to store your stuff. Fourth, even if a hotel agrees, it’ll probably cost you a fortune. And finally, you might not even have a hotel to begin with… for e.g. if you’re visiting the city for just a few hours.

Searching in shops and restaurants?

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With the COVID-19 pandemic slashing the revenues of many businesses, local shops and restaurants have collaborated with storage companies to provide luggage storage services too.
Now, in these trying times, it’s probably a good initiative. The only problem? Well, a restaurant is not really a storage facility. So you get all the issues you get with leaving your stuff at the hotel.

Taking help from friends or family?

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This is a good option but not many people have friends and family in London.

Search through the countless luggage storage facilities!

The best choice you can make for left luggage in London.

This is the choice that will probably boggle your mind when trying to arrange luggage storage in London. But that doesn’t make it an entirely bad choice.

In fact, if we set the problem of too many options aside for a minute, this is the best choice you can make for left luggage in London. Why?

These facilities are dedicated storage facilities and have all the necessary arrangements like security (you don't want to keep worrying about your stuff while touring London, right?).

A lot of these storage units are also extremely flexible in terms of pricing, storage duration, and location (they are everywhere in London!). So you don't end up spending more than what's needed.

Instead, you can use the money you save to enrich your London experience.

But here's the problem — because of the huge variability in pricing and other features within this category, there is a chance that you might not be able to discover the best deal for yourself.

You might try Googling ' best luggage storage near me,' but that won't solve it.

Because Google isn't as smart as our exquisite algorithms when it comes to self-storage.


The good news is that a lot of these storage units are also highly flexible in terms of :


Storage Duration


The wiser alternative to “Luggage Storage Near Me” Google Searches!

You guessed it. It’s the Self Storage Outlet.

We help you navigate through the insanely complex map of luggage storage units in London. And along the way, we make sure you save as much money as possible because we know you’ve got a city to enjoy.

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All you have to do is follow a series of simple steps. That’s not a lot when it’s guaranteed to save you at least 10% on luggage storage in London, right?


Get exclusive discounts on your ideal storage units!

You won’t find these discounts anywhere else because we’ve partnered with some awesome storage companies, and they’ve promised to keep these discounts exclusive to our customers.

So you get an ideal storage unit, and a discount on it.

Can it get even better than this? Yes!

Because some of the storage companies we work with want to give you a complete, well-rounded storage experience — and so they offer insurance, collection, and to even help you with packing your stuff.

Ready to say goodbye to fruitless “luggage storage near me” internet searches?


head on to the Self Storage Outlet now and take the wiser road to luggage storage.