Struggling with Furniture Storage?

You could end up damaging thousands of pounds worth of furniture in a matter of days if you store it improperly… Furniture storage can get overwhelming, difficult, and expensive really fast. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here are 4 things that can happen if you try to turn your house into a furniture storage warehouse…

1. Your garage squeezes up your furniture and damages it

Property is getting expensive by the day… and unless you can afford a huge garage just for furniture storage (which honestly is a waste of money), you’ll probably damage your furniture trying to squeeze it into your tight-spaced garage.

2. Moisture, heat, and cold get to your furniture

But okay, let’s suppose you manage to somehow pull all those sofas together and cram them up in your garage. You’d think your ordeal is over but nature would think otherwise. And unless you can install a dehumidifier and a mechanism to control your garage’s temperature — which again is a sorry waste of money — heat, cold, and moisture will soon lead you to the doors of a furniture repair shop.

3. You break your back

Dramatic, right? But very probable when you try to lift and maneuver those heavy pieces of furniture through the stairs and hallways of your house to their destination. You’ll have to be very careful — and very strong.

4. You end up making your house as ugly as it gets

If you’re an organized person, this is probably more of a nightmare for you than breaking your back. There’s no guarantee that your garage (or store room) will accommodate all the furniture you want to store. The result? You try to store furniture in various locations throughout your house. And that’s a recipe for disaster. It’s chaos, madness, and one very ugly house.


Furniture Storage

But things don’t have to be that way… Here’s the right way to tackle long term furniture storage.

Long term furniture storage can be even more dangerous

If done incorrectly because, well, more time equals more damage.

Plus, sometimes, you don’t even have a house to turn into a furniture storage warehouse.

You might be moving to another city. Or you might be relocating within the same city. Or you might be relocating to a university dorm…

So, what's the right way to store furniture (even if you have a house to cram it in)? You book a storage unit.

Why furniture storage units are the only choice you’ve really got..

Security Measures

These can range from fire prevention systems, insurance coverage, guards, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and other super strong measures to protect what’s yours.

And since these security measures will rarely be found anywhere else that you might choose for furniture storage, you could really lose your beloved (and probably expensive) furniture if not for self-storage. But perhaps the greatest reason why you should go for self-storage is climate control.

Nature is no friend of furniture. It will eat it up and leave you with a mess that you won’t even recognize. But not if you use furniture storage units. Because many of these facilities will have what’s called climate control.

The temperature will be maintained at the right level and so will the humidity, moisture, and the light.

The result? Your furniture doesn’t have to experience the extreme variation of temperature that can be seen in certain locations. Your furniture will survive longer, and it will be pristine when it comes out of those storage units.

And finally, the price will probably seal the deal for you. Furniture storage units are generally extremely affordable. You don’t have to maintain a flat (which costs a fortune, especially if you’re in London) just to store furniture.

And there is a way to make those units even cheaper… You can click off the page but then you’ll miss the hack we’re about to discuss.


How to find the perfect storage facility (and it’s not by “furniture storage near me” Google searches).

So you’re going for long term furniture storage and you now know that storage units are the perfect option for you.

But how are you supposed to find the perfect storage unit for yourself? There are so many out there that the options will make you dizzy.


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